I will write

I’ve been in a huge funk this summer. Things at work are just plain awful, and as a result I’ve been stressed, anxiety-ridden, and exhausted. So many good things have happened this summer, but the bad at work seems to be outweighing the good in my outside life.

I’ve been less excited to read, to write, to create. I had grand plans for summer, to revise and rewrite, to explore new ideas, and read furiously, and while I did a little of each, here and there, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to. I let my negativity about work get in the way of happiness in other areas of my life.

So this September, I’m hitting reset. I woke up this morning, and for the first time in months, wrote before I did anything else. And it felt good. I decided on an impulse to create a goal – what better time than the beginning of something like a month to create goals?

I will write every single day of September. I don’t have a word count goal, it doesn’t matter what I work on, but I will write. I will not let sour work conditions spoil my creativity and my purpose.

I will write.


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