Radio Silence…ending now

It’s been almost three months since my last post and most of my time away has not been filled with writing or writing related thoughts. It’s easy to get distracted by any number of things, and this winter, writing hasn’t been my primary focus. It seems almost everything else was more important, but perhaps everything else was just less daunting.

But now, it’s time for me to dive back in. A few weeks ago, I printed out my entire 100,000+ word mess of a manuscript of my very first NaNoWriMo novel. I am reading it all, not making notes on grammar (although that was tough) and instead thinking about plot, structure, characters, settings, etc. The impulse to correct the minor issues is hard to overcome, but reading it without a pen in hand has helped.

I’m trying to discover the heart of the story, to better understand character motivations and the driving forces of plot, so that I can more concisely communicate the ideas. The story has an unconventional structure, one that I love, but am not sure will ultimately work for readers. So, I am committing, here and now, to working hard at the story over the next few months.

April is another Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve already signed up and have a cabin. My goals will be revision related. I will review/revise/rewrite at least 4 chapters a week. I am committing to editing and having a second draft of this novel by the end of summer. Maybe even sooner.

So what have I been doing lately, if not writing? If you care, read more below. 

  • Sometimes exercising! Well, in general at least three times a week, including my dodgeball and kickball games.
  • Reading! I’ve read about 12 books since January 1 and have approximately 5 in various states of completion. I set a rather ambitious goal of reading 70 books this year, and am a few behind, but with summer on the way, I will be doing lots of lunchtime outdoor reading, and weekend beach reading, and escaping to my rooftop to read to save money on air conditioning. I read a lot in the summer. Last June through August, I read 21 books. And honestly, I kinda slacked off in August. What have I been reading? Check out my Goodreads to find out!
  • Binging Gilmore Guys podcast! As a devoted “Gilly,” having seen the series too many times to count, I discovered this podcast last fall. I was already season seasons behind, but now I’m creeping  up on their real time releases, which is strange. I love the podcast, and feel likes I’m sitting in a room with close friends when I listen to it. Warning: this podcast may make you actually laugh out loud in public places, like the subway. Also, Team Jess!
  • Related: Re-watching Gilmore Girls! Because I can’t not watch when I think about the show so much, not to mention the revival news has got me in a tizzy.
  • Keeping up with almost all my shows on the CW! Flash, iZombie, the 100, Legends of Tomorrow, and the very best new show on television: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! If you aren’t watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend you are missing out on one of the smartest and most subversive feminist shows ever.

Tl;dr – Bitch I’m back (by popular demand?)


One thought on “Radio Silence…ending now

  1. I’ve had almost the exact same experience the last few months (including Gilmore Girls re-watching AND iZombie) and have just kick-started my writing again in prep for Camp NaNo. Good luck!!


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