NaNoWriMo 2015 – Day 16

“WOOOOOAH, WE’RE HALFWAY THERE.” Well, we’re more than halfway there. Yesterday was the halfway mark, and I also hit the halfway mark in my word count.

I am Right. On. Track. This is a good thing, but I do have this lingering worry in the back of my mind that *things* will come up and that I’ll fall behind and not be able to catch up… But self-doubt never sleeps.

Story-wise, I’ve introduced all my main POV characters, which is good because I have 6 of ’em, but already see how I need to raise the stakes earlier and created a more solid antagonist. I didn’t outline this (despite promising myself I would this year…), so I’ve spent a fair amount of words rambling and discovering my plot and my characters. If I felt like it wouldn’t put me terribly behind, I would spend some time writing character descriptions and perhaps a rough outline. But NaNoWriMo isn’t about taking a step back and reassessing the situation. it’s about forcing yourself to move forward, full steam ahead, ignoring the inconsistencies of your writing, the plot holes, the underdeveloped characters, the info dumps. All the matters if your fingers and the screen and your words.

In other word, denial is your best friend. If you just pretend the problems don’t exist, then they don’t. Or, they don’t until December 1.

Well, off I go to continue my writing. I’ve already met my wordcount for today, but any amount I can pull ahead by is worth it. The month is only going to get busier.


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