NaNoWriMo – Day 12

Twelve days in NaNoWriMo and I remember, “Oh hey, I have a blog, and I intended to use it to record my writing progress.”

So what have I been doing the past 12 days? Well, not blogging, it turns out. But I have been writing pretty steadily. My current word count is 17,192, so I am just a bit behind. Until yesterday, I made my word count goal every day. I fell behind a bit yesterday due to a late start in the morning and sleep deprived induced exhaustion in the evening. I did write over 600 words, which is something, and the weekend is coming up so I can hopefully do a bit of catch up!

I haven’t any “writing like gangbusters” days yet, like I did with my first NaNo, but it’s been interesting to compare this NaNo with 2014. Last NaNo began on a Saturday and I took that Monday off work, so I pulled ahead early on in the month. But I also had several days with no writing at all. Twelve days in and I’ve written each and every one of them. I like that I am building towards a habit of more steady writing, rather than manic bursts of productivity, followed by slumps with no words.

Another thing I’ve been trying out is writing on my commute. I take the subway to work, and spend about 40-45 minutes on public transit each morning and night. Turns out, I actually like writing on the notes app of my phone. I discovered this method by accident – I woke up late for work and felt bad that I didn’t get a chance to write anything in the morning. Normally, I reserve my commute for reading, but except for the struggle I had while standing, trying to hold a pole for balance, holding a coffee cup, and not having a third hand with which to use my phone and write,

I want to put in some substantial writing time this weekend, to catch up and give myself a bit of padding. I’ll be travelling for the last six days of November, and though I’ll be back home, I’m not sure I’ll actually manage to write much. So, the more I can creep ahead now, the better.

On an unrelated note – I’ve become fully obsessed with the cast recording of Hamilton. HOW IS IT SO GOOD? My only wish is that it was easier for me to write with music with so many words, because then I would basically listen to it 24/7 for the rest of my life. Listening to it is giving me a renewed sense of excitement about words. I know NaNoWriMo is just about getting words on the paper (or screen, as it happens), but the choice of words and the way they are assembled is so important, too. For now, I’ll try to keep my story moving, but I would like to also assemble a sequence of words that excites me. Perhaps, that will come into play in edits.


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