Report Card Time: August Goals

As I detailed in my last post, mid-way through August I had this scary realization that I was drafting my rapidly lengthening WIP with no end in sight and that it might be better to take a few steps back and reevaluate my progress and try plotting before I continue. What did this mean for my August Goals? Well, it means I didn’t meet them.

  1. Write 25,000 words
    • Real count: 8,176. Only about 17K short of my goal. But as I stopped actively drafting around August 9th, this number ain’t half bad.
  2. Complete my scene worksheet, through everything I’ve written so far.
    • I didn’t quite complete this, just yet, but I only have about 10 chapters left to go (out of 30). This exercise has taught me a few things: not everything I write is complete crap. But a lot of it is (especially what I wrote frantically during NaNo last year)
  3. Find an ending.
    • Well, folks, I DID IT. I think I have a solid direction for the ending. Still hammering out specific details, but the BIG plot points have been chosen. All subject to change, of course 😉

August was not an utter failure, despite not exactly meeting my goals. I started a brain dump document for my WIP that lead to me discovering my potential ending, and started to produce character sketches for my non-POV but still important characters. Perhaps these are things that I should have done before I started drafting, but you live and you learn. Or to pants another day.

It’s now September 6 and I still haven’t put my goals for the month to paper. Tomorrow is Labor Day, and perhaps I’ll have the drive to do it then. Since I utterly failed with my August goals (but am oddly ok with that), I’m probably going to come up with some more amorphous or story-related goals. But that is for another day. Or maybe never.

What grade do I give myself for August?

I for incomplete, but a B- for effort.


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