Mini-Update 3: August 12

August Word Count: 8,176

Self-doubt: 4 out of 5 on a mouthless emoji scale 😶😶😶😶.

Status update: I’ve discovered I STILL have no idea where this story is headed, that I need to sit down and think about where my two strands of plot are heading and how to end them. This is what I get for pants-ing this. A manuscript over 112,000 words and still no known ending. Yeesh.

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Next Steps:

  • Take a step back and start to brainstorm the loose ends that need tightening. This will probably mean a stream of consciousness plot brain dump onto a word document. I still don’t know how this story should end. I’m telling two stories in one, through alternating timelines. One story ends roughly where the other begins. Telling a story non-linearly might not be the most wise decision I’ve ever made, but if I feel like it, I could rearrange into a linear timeline in edits.
  • Try not to hyperventilate when I do this.
  • Take the brain dump and edit into an outline. Something I’m relatively unfamiliar with and fairly afraid of.

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