Accomplishing Smaller Goals

Every Monday when I get to work, I sit down and write a to do list. Most of the time, I don’t even write one for work – this is my personal to do list, the things I want to take care of before the next Sunday ends. It usually includes finishing a book I’m reading, washing my dishes (eternally on the list), exercises scheduled, and most importantly, my writing goals.

So – how did I stack up to this week’s reading and writing goals?

  • Write 6,500 Words
  • Read Red Queen
  • Write 3-4 Blog Posts (2-3 Mini Updates, 1-2 longer posts)
  • Update four chapters of my scene worksheet chart for current WIP

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve accomplished all of these except my word count, which stands at a very reasonable 5115. With two days to go, and no plans at all tomorrow, I’m confident I can bust them out.

As I practice more habitual writing, understanding my limits is easier. I know that if I have plans every night after work, I should adjust my expectations for output. If I’m going out with friends on a Friday and plan to drink a lot, I’m probably going to be useless until the afternoon on Saturday. Similarly, if my week is wide open (which this week was), I can expect to accomplish quite a bit.

I include reading on this list because I love reading and it is important to writing. I read on the Subway to and from work every day, and lots of places in between. By including reading on my list, I give myself permission to escape the world for a while, do something I love, and not feel like it’s taking time from my writing. If I didn’t read so much, my writing would suck. It might still suck, but at least this way I’ve spent time doing what I love.

Tonight, I’m to let my nerd flag fly at a George RR Martin tribute night at the Staten Island Yankees game. The SI Yankees are playing as the Direwolves, and their opponents are the Lannister Lions. George himself will be there, along with a real live wolf. My excitement level is Sansa Stark when Ned agreed that she should marry Joffrey, but before she realized he was a monster.

P.S. I highly recommend Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard to those of you who enjoy fantasy and YA fantasy. Great world building, characters you can care about, handsome princes: it has it all. I’m really excited to see where this series heads.


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