A Good Writing Day

For all my moaning and worrying when I composed my Mini-Update 1, Tuesday was a good writing day. A day when writing made me energized, not tired. I wrote like gangbusters before and after work. And it wasn’t just the quantity that got me jazzed – I’m was pleased with the quality, too. I wrote words that actually mattered to my story, that kept the plot moving and explored the characters in interesting ways. The situations my characters were in felt important and fun to write.

It really made me think: Why can’t every day be a good writing day?

Of course, there are days that are “no writing days” and then days that are “barely writing days,” but since I started writing more regularly a little over a year ago, the “good writing days” have pushed me forward. My ultimate motivation in writing is not to be published, or to have people read and love my stories (though those would be nice, too), but it’s the good writing days. The days when my story seems to write itself, albeit with a little help from my cup of morning (or afternoon) coffee. These are the days I feel brilliant, unstoppable. These are the days when I shut down the crippling-self-doubt-devil on my shoulder.

Realistically, not every day will be a Good Writing Day (GWD), but I’m working to find out the common features of these days, so that maybe I can repeat them more frequently. Of course, there is no way to ensure that any one or combination of these things with deliver me a GWD.

I’ve been working to keep a record of what I worked on every day and how I feel about it. if I wrote a scene that I don’t think will work in the long run, I note that. If I barely manage to eke out a couple hundred words and I hate every single one, I note that. If I get so carried away with writing that I’m late for work, I note that.

Here are a few things that help contribute to a GWD:

  • A cup of coffee
  • A good, non-distracting soundtrack
  • A least a solid hour of time to devote to writing

I’m not going to write every day. Right now, that’s just not realistic for me. But I will always strive for the Good Writing Day.


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