Summertime Sadness: August Goals

Even though it’s so hot right now, all I want to do it sit right next to my AC cradling a bowl of ice cream in my arms, the world does not stop spinning just because it’s summer.

I completed Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I set a goal of 20,000 words and wrote more than 25,000, so I’m pretty pleased with how I ended the month. I didn’t write but I did write pretty regularly, and started writing before work more often. It feels good to write more frequently and (BIG LIGHTBULB IDEA WARNING) writing frequently helps me figure out how to address the knots in my plot. While I am still not sure where this book will end up, I think I’ve pushed it more firmly in the direction of the end. Crippling self-doubt only shows up about once every three days. I think that means I’m not totally wasting my time and effort.

With no Camp NaNo to keep me motivated and give me my goal, I have to sit down and set my own. So, without further ado:

  1. Write 25,000 words
    • This worked well for me in July. I had to be diligent about writing with reasonable frequency, but it wasn’t a CATASTROPHE if I didn’t write every day or even took a few days off in a row. It’s an amount to be proud of, but not an amount I need to break my back over (because I really do have back issues from sitting so much already)
  2. Complete my scene worksheet, through everything I’ve written so far. Full disclosure, this WIP was 100% pants-ed and I don’t have an existing outline to edit. So I’ve had to start one way after the fact. Since this is a multiple POV and timeline book, I made a chart that includes: Chapter Number, Pages, POV, Timeline, Action, and Notes (really nice things like lol this is horrible. Wtf were you thinking?)
    • This will help me know what happens when and will hopefully help me when I *gasp* EDIT
  3. Find an ending. This ending can change in editing. But it would be cool to have one. Yeah. This is that ever elusive and probably far too lofty goal. But a girl can dream.

I’ll be tracking the progress here. Probably. But I do have a series of like a dozen blogs with less than 5 posts that would beg to differ. See you on the flipside.

Progress as of 12:56 PM, August 1: 0 words. 1 new blog.


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