How to be a writer

To improve your writing, I think the only catch-all piece of advice is: you have to write.

There is no one way to write, but this will be a chronicle of how I am writing.

I’m setting this blog up mostly for self-accountability. I am trying to write, and maybe someday I will try to show what I write to the world.

I’ve never finished anything I have started writing. After a few false starts for longer works, last November I sat down and did NaNoWriMo. I wrote a bit over 50,000 words in one month. I was riding high for a while, but it turns out, if you don’t keep writing, your work will never be complete. I tackled this particular WIP again in April and July for Camp NaNo. Last month, I wrote 25,000 words, but more importantly, I think I actually managed to progress the plot, not to mention become excited about writing again.

There is no “competition” this month. But I want to keep up with the writing. So, I’ll be setting monthly goals, and tracking my progress here. Perhaps I’ll talk about craft; perhaps I’ll talk about my crippling self-doubt. I guess we’ll find out. Welcome!


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